Fork to plate

I love food: growing food, preparing food, eating (preferably with friends), grocery shopping, reading about food, writing about food, talking about food, discussing the politics of food… in fact the only thing I don’t really do is watch food programmes as, quite frankly I’d rather be growing food, preparing food…

So as you can imagine, food features significantly on my blog, from how to grow as much as possible in my tiny postcard-sized patio garden to how to preserve it, from tasty hassle-free recipes to transforming would-be food waste into tasty treats.

For my musings about food, whether in the soil or on the plate, take a look at posts categorised under:

  • The Gardens (aka the postcard-sized patio to the rear and the stamp-sized strip to the front of my home)
  • The Boutique Gardener’s Scrapbook; and
  • The Pantry.

Here’s a selection of my food related posts:

A year in the garden: abundance, learning and little victories

Pasta in a van

Of flour, water and enzymes: a visceral pleasure

Notes from a garden: surreal rotations

End of season reckoning

Sweet treats: lemon teapot biscuits


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