Mrs M n. 1. wife, daughter, sister, friend 2. Sustainable development student, portfolio worker, former energy lawyer 3. blogger, linguist, CV coach, storyteller 4. home maker, cook, knitter, gardener, preserver 5. freelance milliner, occasional spoon carver 6. cyclist

I started The Double Life of Mrs M – Because one persona is not enough in the twilight hours – the early hours of the morning between finishing an all-consuming legal job and crawling into bed. This space was devoted to nurturing my other personae, the ones that barely got a look-in during the working week. The more I wrote about them, the more these personae elbowed themselves to the forefront, so much so that I have now left the safe world of a single career to develop a portfolio career that allows the many faces of Mrs M to thrive.

My portfolio activities include writing (copywriting, editing, blogging, creative writing, business writing…) Areas of interest range from the topics covered in this blog (food, gardening, traditional crafts, sustainable living,…) to the energy and water sectors, infrastructure, reconomy, flexible working patterns… If you are interested in working with me please contact me on megandgosia [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.


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